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Yes, it's possible to perform geographic SEO on a one-page website -- in a non-competitive environment for keywords with low search volume.

Once you're in a competitive environment targeting high search volume keywords, you'll need to do more than the minimum in order to be king of the hill (a 1-page site is the minimum, no matter how awesome it is).

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Wolverine can not die.

Hugh Jackman is Wolverine now. There is no going away.

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Depends on the man; depends on the woman.

Barack Obama wants different things from Hilary Clinton than Michelle Obama.

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Use of "nuance" as a noun (1781) precedes use as a verb (1886) by 105 years.

Nuance ultimately derives from PIE *sneudh- "fog" (cognates: Avestan snaoda"clouds," Welsh nudd "fog," Greek nython, in Hesychius "dark, dusky"), all nouns. -- ref. Online Etymology Dictionary

The use of the word "nuance" has increased dramatically over the past century.

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Overrated: San Luis Obispo, CA

Oprah says SLO is the happiest city in America. Happiest for certain demographics of age and wealth, perhaps -- but compared to, say, New Orleans, LA; or Woodby Island, WA; how can SLO be called "happiest city in America"? Because SLO outlaws drive-thrus (seriously, that was one of the reasons cited by the report Oprah highlighted)?!? C'mon.

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