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Glenn Friesen


I already rule the world. I prefer an anonymous, Laissez-faire approach to this rule; and to appear as if I didn't rule the world so that I am not a target for usurpers.

Ruling the world feels a lot like the laws of physics.

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In the days before the Internet, many guitarists would use alternative tunings to prevent people from memorizing their fingering, and then miming their style. Around 1920, for instance, Django Reinhardt quickly learned to play the banjo, mimicking the fingerings of musicians he watched.

Sometimes, layers of complexity are intentional to obfuscate exactly what's going on, to make it look like magic, to protect and promote the developer.

Sometimes, on the other hand, it's really just that the developer didn't realize the simpler solution, and coded how they thought they had to.

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Music directly reflects the geometric structure of space-time. Here we see how the musical system called "the circle of fifths" perfectly maps to the cube octahedron. The fractal geometry of the structure of the vacuum of space encoded into music.

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Drawing is a form of writing. Indeed, it is the origin of almost all writing systems, including English.

If humans had never invented writing, we would most likely be like the humans before we invented writing -- forming tribes, and speaking to one another a lot.

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