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Release early, iterate often.

Prove, improve.

People first, words seconds, numbers third.

Not everything that counts can be counted.


Everything Alan Perlis has ever said.


  1. Moz.
  2. Bill Slawski's brilliant summaries/interpretations of Google's patents.
  3. Michael Gray's rants are worth the read every time. 
  4. I can't recommend Distilled's blog enough, they're sort of like the CRO side of SEO-oriented Moz.
  5. Joost deValk's great digital marketing advice covers so much more than the ever-powerful WordPress.
  6. Feverbee is an excellent resource to learn/study how to nurture and manage communities.
  7. Special shout out to the best web analytics and data interpretation blog out there: Atlanta Analytics
  8. The brain lady blog is a useful resource for thoughts about usability/UX
  9. Any Ruteledge is web-marketing god. His gestalt series is a fantastic jumping off point.
  10. Quora – off the Moz Q&A, the SEO Q&A on Quora is unparalleled. I very regularly ask SEO consultants and experts for their thoughts/advice here.
  11. John Battelle's Search Blog. This blog has changed my life and perceptions more than once.



For you, I have prepared a very full list of blogs to love on the link love page. Enjoy.




There is no true interpretation of anything; interpretation is a
vehicle in the service of human comprehension. The value of
interpretation is in enabling others to fruitfully think about an
–Andreas Buja

The Elements of Statistical Learning Data Mining, Inference, and Prediction The Elements of Statistical Learning Hastie • Tibshirani • Friedman Second Edition


A culture's media reflects its people.
People are influenced by the media they consume